If you wish to hire equipment from Wirral Play Council you will need to comply with the following rules.

Only groups who have CURRENT MEMBERSHIP of Wirral Play Council can hire out play equipment.


...During Christmas closure period.

...To non-members of Wirral Play Council.

...For private family parties.


1.1)  Provisional bookings can be made in advance by telephone or in person at the shop.  Members will be asked for their details, i.e., contact name, address and telephone number.

1.2)  At the time of booking, members will be quoted the total hiring charges, including deposits.  These quotes will be noted with the provisional booking entry.  All deposits are refundable though it is preferred that they are made as separate payments to the hire charges.

1.3)  The charges quoted will need to be paid as soon as possible to ensure a confirmed booking - at least 7 days in advance and in certain circumstances advance payment will need to be paid no less than fourteen days in advance - you will be advised upon making your provisional booking.  Failure to comply will mean the booking cannot be confirmed and therefore will be available to other members.

1.4)  On payment of the hire charges and deposits, Wirral Play Council will issue the group with a 'Conditions of Hire' form and a 'Confirmation of Booking' form.  This will detail the equipment confirmed as booked and the amount paid.  This will also be your receipt.


2.1)  Equipment can be collected between the hours of 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM. Please specify time on booking.  The person collecting the equipment should bring with them; -

Their current Wirral Play Council Membership Card.

Their Confirmation of Booking form.

2.2)  The person collecting the equipment will be responsible for signing the Equipment Hire form, which includes the agreement to abide by the conditions of hire and details the equipment being hired.

2.3)  If you are hiring any heavy equipment you will need to send at least two capable persons to collect and return it.


3.1)  Equipment must be returned between the hours of 9.30 AM and 11.30 AM on the agreed date.  A penalty will be incurred for late returns unless prior arrangement has been made.

3.2)  Providing all equipment is returned in good working order, the deposit will be refunded to the person returning the equipment and this must be signed for by that person.

3.3)  Any faults with the equipment should be reported immediately by phone and also when returning the equipment.  Under no circumstances should members attempt to tampered with a faulty item.

3.4)  Should any items of equipment be missing or damaged, the deposit will be withheld until the matter is resolved in compliance with the Conditions of Hire.


4.1)  If you wish to cancel a booking, the cancellation must be reported immediately to Wirral Play Council.

4.2)  Deposits are non-refundable if the booking is cancelled by the member.

If you have any further queries regarding the hiring of equipment please contact us.