An Open Access policy means that when the playscheme is in operation, the children are free to come and go as they choose. All children must be registered on the scheme. The playworkers are not responsible for children who leave the playscheme during session time.

It is important that Parents/Carers fully understand the Open Access policy to ensure the safety of the children. Signing the opposite Registration Form confirms that you as the parent/guardian have read & understood this policy.

We cannot take responsibility for children who leave the playscheme during a session.

We do not operate as a care scheme and parents or carers must be aware of this.

All children must be registered on the scheme to attend the sessions.

A registration form must be completed, signed by parent or carer and returned to the playscheme playworkers (forms are available from the playscheme playworkers or Wirral Play Council).

All children’s attendances will be noted on the playscheme register for each session that they attend the playscheme.

Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Children may be excluded from an activity or asked to leave. Parents or Carers will be contacted as necessary.

We cannot accept responsibility for personal items or belongings including money.

Any items (e.g. bikes, roller skates, hand-held consoles, etc) are brought onto the playscheme at your own risk - MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED.

There is a no smoking policy during all session times.

We would advise you to arrange to collect your child from the playscheme. Please ensure that your child understands if they will not be collected from the playscheme to go home.