Wirral Play Council is a charitable organisation, formed in 1974, that provides an all-year round service to resource groups and organisations that work with children and operates from the Wirral Play Development Centre in Berner Street, Birkenhead.

Every summer, the W.P.C. organises free Open-Access playschemes across the Wirral for children aged 6-13 years of age. For many years that included a national Playday event in Birkenhead Park for up to 3,000 children.

Also based at the Play Development Centre is the Wirral Play Council Additional Needs Group, who run evening sessions and a Saturday morning session, each week, for children with varying additional needs as well as operating daily throughout most school holidays.

Wirral Play Council has a wide variety of member groups who make use of the many services that we provide.  These services include; a low-cost arts & crafts shop, scrounge room, play equipment hire, as well as room hire for play training, etc.

Membership is open to all groups and individuals involved in the development of children's play on the Wirral.