The PlaySpaces Project enabled us to identify and respond to the needs of children in places where the young people felt most comfortable playing.  It provided free, outdoor play sessions throughout the summer across the Wirral and indoors at selected venues during the winter months.

Play sessions were open to all children aged 5-14 years and encouraged social interaction, confidence, self-esteem, participation and consultation.

Project co-ordinator, Paddy Mulligan, said at the time...“ It's about children's choice, to be able to play in places where they feel safe, It's not all about equipment and activities, although we do provide that as well, sometimes just the presence of a trusted adult is all that is needed for the children to feel secure in their Playspace. ”

Funded by Wirral Children's Fund and On Track The Outreach Play Project was funded by Wirral Children's Fund & On Track, from November 2003 until mid 2008 and centred in five keys areas; Bidston, Birkenhead, Leasowe, Seacombe, and Tranmere.