02.10.12 WPC on Facebook

You can now follow Wirral Play Council on Facebook...

23.08.12 More Change at the WPC

Acting Play Development Officer, Ros Barrie, is managing the Play Council now that Gemma Rhodes has left on maternity leave. The staff wish Gemma all the best for the happy day to come.
Ros Barrie will continue in post until the Play Development Officer role is filled in the Autumn.

17.08.12 ...And Relax!

Well that was a quick four weeks.
This year's playschemes seem to have gone really well (pity about the summer).
Thanks to all the playworkers for their hard work. We hope you all enjoyed it and we hope to see you all again next year.

27.07.12 Big Lottery Projects End

After three years facilitating free play activities for children across the Wirral in over 100 locations, the two Big Lottery Projects; the Play Practitioners' Project (Playpoint), and the Community Play Ranger Project have now ended along with the funding.
Gemma Rhodes and Ros Barrie would like to thank all the staff, volunteers, agencies and groups that helped make these projects the success that they were.

23.07.12 Summer Playscheme's Are GO!

The summer has officially arrived! and for the next four weeks there'll be plenty of free play activities for children aged 6 - 14, at 28 sites across the Wirral.

13.07.12 Summer Playscheme Venues

All the dates and times for this year's summer playscheme are now up online.

28.03.12 Annual General Meeting

Wirral Play Council held its Annual General Meeting today.
The Executive Committee remains unchanged.

19.01.12 WPC AGM

Wirral Play Council will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 28th March, 2012.
It will be held at the Wirral Play Development Centre on Berner Street. All members are welcome.

03.01.12 New Year's Greetings

Wirral Play Council staff hope all our members have a happy 2012 and we look forward to seeing you all soon.